On Location: The Worm That Turned (Part 5)

Thanks to an eagle eyed website viewer – another location has been found! This time its the pub that Ronnie B’s character works in, seen in Episode Six of the serial.

Here is a screenshot from the episode:

Real life location – the (currently closed) Berkeley Arms in Purton, just a stones throw away from the Purton Lock location.

The distinctive shape of the pub seen in the episode can also be seen here

Few photographs exist of the interior of the pub (from the angle it was filmed, at least) but in this screen shot below the door, wooden seat, and edge of the fire place can clearly be seen still in situ at the pub:

Note the doorway above Ronnie B’s shoulder, and the edge of the fireplace to the left
The fireplace and doorway seen here in this shot from an estate agent’s website. The pine bench still remains in the exact same place as seen on screen, some 40 odd years later!

My thanks to reader Andy who pointed out this location. Do you know of any locations used in Two Ronnies sketches? We’d love to hear from you – tworonniesfans@gmail.com

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