On Location: The Worm That Turned

‘The Worm That Turned’ is perhaps the most famous of The Two Ronnies’ serials. It needs no introduction to fans of the show.

Over the years we’ve been given various ‘behind the scenes’ photographs from this serial, but this time we’ve actually gone and tracked down some of the locations ourselves!

Filmed largely in the South West (Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, South Wales etc) some of the locations are a little tricky to find, others are very easy!

This first post will deal with an easy location – Thornbury High Street. From Wikipedia: ‘Thornbury is a market town and civil parish in South Gloucestershire, England, about 12 miles (19 km) north of Bristol. It had a population of 12,063 at the 2011 Census.Thornbury is a Britain in Bloom award-winning town, with its own competition, Thornbury in Bloom.’ 

Thornbury High Street features in the final instalment of ‘The Worm That Turned’ and sees our two heroes travelling up the High Street (whilst hidden in the back of a Transit van), where they then enter a dress shop and eventually get smuggled upstairs. Whilst the entire piece is filmed on location, the ‘upstairs’ of the shop is a different (as yet unidentified) location to the ACTUAL shop on the street.

Here are our location comparisons:


Thornbury High Street then and now: The Two Ronnies trundle down the highstreet in a green Transit van


Not a lot changes…. The White Lion public house still remains (although is now part of a chain). The white lion statue is still there!



The exterior of ‘Mr Modes Fashion Frocks’ remains largely unchanged – the interior however is now completely different – a large open plan restaurant.


Again – the location seems virtually exactly as it was back on the show. The building opposite have changed slightly and are now part of a precinct. Even the unusual shaped base stones at the bottom of the columns remain.



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