‘The Worm That Turned’ Rare Filming Photos

‘The Worm That Turned’ is quite possibly the most famous of The Two Ronnies’ serials. Broadcast during their 1980 series, the serial depicts a futuristic world (2012 infact!) where men occupy the roles previously held by women and vice versa.

Famous for Diana Dors sky-blue-suited head of state, and the leather-clad state Police, very few people realise that much of the serial was filmed in Gloucestershire. The following photographs were unearthed recently by residents of Dursley who were lucky enough to be present during the filming.

All photos reproduced by kind permission of Kim Wilkins. She writes: ‘They were filming in Dursley on a Sunday morning. My husband was in the Fire Service then and was at the Station so went across the road because Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were at the back of the shops as they’d been filming in the hairdressers. One of the Firemen asked them both if they would sign the Station’s Visitor’s Book and one of them did. My husband then took photos of them both and the female Police who were part of the film, in their leather clothes and marching in the street.’


(above) The State Police march down Parsonage Street (now pedestrianised) in Dursley. Much of the street can be seen in the finished film.


(above) The leather-clad ladies of the State Police take a well earned rest next to a rather large American style Winnebago. Taken behind the main shops on Parsonage Street.


(above) Ronnie Barker signs autographs for a lucky fan at the rear of the Salon where a scene has just been filmed. Behind Ronnie B, John Owens can be seen. John appeared in a great many Two Ronnies sketches – most famously the Fork Handles sketch.


(above) Ronnie B poses for the camera after filming in the Salon. A careful look under his coat reveals his pink dress worn for the scene.


(above) Ronnie C signing autographs for a lucky fan after filming in the Salon.

The full ‘film’ of The Worm That Turned can be found on Youtube right here.

Do you have any photographs of The Two Ronnies filming? Did you ever witness some filming taking place? I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.

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