‘The Worm That Turned’ Rare Filming Photos PART 2

Earlier in the year, we were given some very rare photographs taken behind the scenes of the infamous Two Ronnies serial ‘The Worm That Turned,’ from their 1981 series. You can view those photographs right here.

We’ve recently unearthed this previously unseen photograph (below) – owned by Nick Pike (the young man in the bottom right). Taken on Parsonage Street, Dursley, during a rehearsal.


Nick’s father actually owned the hairdressing shop – ‘Salon 2’ – where a bulk of the first segment of the serial was set.


(Ronnie B & Ronnie C are confronted whilst getting their hair done, in Salon 2)

Nick tells us: ” I remember the event so well – the Two Ronnies filming at my dad’s hairdressing shop, ‘Salon 2’. I was very excited and imagined the day would be in black and white for some reason… I didn’t meet Ronnie Corbett but vividly remember Ronnie Barker coming up and shaking my hand. I think my parents have another photo of me sitting on the pavement, eyeing up the policewomen’s legs!”

The recently uncovered photograph is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it clearly shows Ronnie B in the role of ‘director.’ Whether officially or unofficially, it’s just a visual representation of the depth of his talents. Secondly, because I believe it to show a rehearsal for the following shot – finally used in Part 3 of the story:

Part 3

It’s very rare to find some behind-the-scenes photographs from ANYTHING relating to The Two Ronnies, so this is a real treat to see.

My thanks to Nick, for sharing his photograph and story with us.

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