Hertz Advertising Campaign (Part 2)

Continuing my look at the 1980’s Hertz Rental Car Advertising Campaign featuring the Two Ronnies, today we look at advert two – ‘Football Managers.’

You can watch the ad here.


(Part of the impressive set – or is that really an airport terminal?)

Ronnie B plays ‘Ron Smart’ and Ronnie C plays ‘Ron Slack.’ Both are Football Managers who are attempting to sign the latest players for their team. Naturally, Ron Smart uses Hertz to get there on time and Ron Slack doesn’t.


(Ron Slack & Ron Smart – note the photographs on the newspaper are standard headshots)

This ad follows the same type of ‘grumble and grunt’ humour as the first ad I reviewed, but is infact a totally different style. The first thing which strikes me again, is the budget. It doesn’t appear to me that they are using the same set as the previous advert, and may infact be filming in an actual airport terminal. It is difficult to tell. But they also film at Old Trafford Stadium, utilising many extras (both in the airport scenes, and outside the stadium.’ Hertz must have spent a fortune on these adverts. They are a world away from the British Leyland / Austin-Morris adverts of years previous.


(Filming took place inside and outside Old Trafford)

Whilst the previous advert in the series had a distinct ‘european’ feel, this one is quite the reverse – with a VERY ‘British’ feel. Starring alongside the two Rons are Manchester United legends Bryan Robson and Jimmy Greaves. With the latter being used to comic effect at the very end of the advert.


(Bryan Robson makes an appearance alongside Ronnie B)

There are a few interesting touches in the adverts – such as the first shot of the Two Ronnies in the taxi’s reading ‘Sports Desk’ newspapers. The photographs on the rear pages are actually Ronnie B & Ronnie C’s well known headshots that they would send out to fans who requested autographs.


(Jimmy Greaves used to comic effect at the end of the advert)

All in all, I like this advert. It takes more than one watch to spot all the little gags and jokes (such as Ronnie C being held up to place his luggage in the overhead storage). It’s very different in feel and tone to the other adverts in the series, and was obviously targeted to British audiences through it’s use of footballing celebrities.

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