Hertz Advertising Campaign (Part 3)

This entry follows on from my look at the 1980’s Hertz Rental Car advertising campaign from the Two Ronnies.

This is the third instalment. You can watch the advert here.

This advert, which we will call ‘Underwear,’ follows the same ‘grumble and grunt’ style as the previous two in the series. This time however, we see a role reversal. Ronnie Barker plays the part of the gentleman who DOESN’T use Hertz and this time Ronnie C gets the luxury of a rental car.


(Ronnie Barker takes on the stresses of NOT using Hertz to rent his car)

Once again, the budget and production values are very high. Even taking the Two Ronnies to Paris for some outside location work.


There is a distinct 1970’s feel to this advert – relying more on slightly smutty jokes about ladies knickers, and harks back to the European feel of some of the other adverts in the series. This type of ‘knicker’ humour was dying out by the mid-1980’s so it would’ve appeared rather outdated at this time, especially in Britain.


At exactly one minutes length, the advert is typical ‘Two Ronnies’ in style, if a little too reliant on ladies undergarments! They’ve obviously spent money on the advert (just as with the others) and it’s nice to see the Two Ronnies in a genuine Parisian backdrop.


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