Ronnie Barker 1984 AA Ad Discovered

This rare TV advert from 1984 starring Ronnie Barker has just come to light.

The advert can be viewed here


(Ronnie Barker starts off in typical form – behind a newsdesk!) 

Starring Ronnie B in two guises – first as a newsreader, then as a weather reporter. Both small parts fall very easily into the format of a Two Ronnies sketch, and I suspect that the advert was penned by Ronnie B.


(Ronnie B as ‘Percy Perbright’ the weatherman)

Interestingly, the end narration is spoken by David Jason. This would’ve likely been just before Jason & Barker started working on the final series of Open All Hours. It’s a lovely pairing, somewhat incorporating David Jason into a Two Ronnies feature.


(does Ronnie B look familiar? Ronnie C appeared some years earlier in a very similar costume!)

Also of note is Ronnie B’s costume – very reminiscent of a Two Ronnies sketch where Ronnie Corbett plays Rupert The Bear in 1979.

A wonderful advert, and it’s great that it has been rediscovered.

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