Rare ‘Open All Hours’ Set Photographs

We’re delighted to have been able to add these rare photographs to our archives recently. Taken by Paul Evans’ late father – Jack Evans – they show some of the last pictures taken of Arkwright’s famous shop in Lister Avenue, Doncaster during the production of the final series of ‘Open All Hours’ back in 1985.

The images seem to depict a days filming – including several scenes from the final ever episode The Mystical Boudoir of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel and another episode from Series 4 The Errand Boy Executive.


Above: the vast amount of crew and equipment required to film Open All Hours can be seen gathered outside the shop in Lister Avenue, Doncaster


Above: In a scene from the final episode, the red car delivers a new till to Granville. 


Above: David Jason can be seen alongside actor Eric Richard during a break in filming


Above: a gathering of fans and onlookers watch filming outside Arkwright’s shop


Above: David Jason awaits his cue to start a scene outside the famous shop. 


Above: A wonderful photograph taken on-set as Granville (David Jason) finally received a new till – hopefully this one won’t snap at his fingers!


Above: Ronnie Barker can be seen walking towards Arkwright’s shop, and briefly poses for a photograph (far right)


Above: more filming outside the shop


Above: in a scene from an earlier Series 4 episode (possibly ‘The Errand Boy Executive’) we can see Granville’s famous shop bicycle outside


Above: Arkwright’s shop in all it’s glory!


Above: Crew prepare for another take, whilst a fan snaps a quick photograph.


Above: Ronnie Barker can be seen in the doorway to the shop – likely during a rehearsal


Above: Ronnie Barker exits the shop and signs autographs for the small crowd gathered around. 


Above: a scene to the rear of Arkwright’s shop – from the Series 4 episode ‘The Errand Boy Executive’. David Jason leans against the wall. 


Above & Below: Nurse Gladys’ famous Morris Minor



Above & Below: Granville and his shop bike get used during filming from the episode ‘The Errand Boy Executive’


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