On Location: The Worm That Turned (Part 4)

Continuing our delve into the ever popular serial ‘The Worm That Turned,’ we recently paid a flying visit to Thornbury Castle, Bristol. This is perhaps one of the most iconic locations from the serial, as it featured in the opening sequence for every segment – the famous ‘Union Jill’ flying from it’s flag pole. It’s also the basis of the location for the Board Meeting – where we first see Diana Dors and her Secret Police Force.


(The ‘Union Jill’ flag can just be seen, centre, flying from the top of Thornbury Castle (renamed ‘Barbara Castle’ for the serial!))

20190413_103451.jpg(Remaining completely unchanged today, the castle still retains the same flag pole to the roof)


(The Board Room is now The Lounge at Thornbury Castle – the wood panelling and fireplace still present)


(Note the fireplace – see below)


Built in the 1500’s – Thornbury Castle is now a luxury hotel and restaurant. More of it’s history can be read on it’s website – http://www.thornburycastle.co.uk

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